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Inspiring speakers at the new cross-border event UK-Nordic EV Hub

On the 12th of October, you will have the chance to listen to several exciting sessions focused on different topics within the EV charging industry from the three different markets, the UK, Sweden and Norway. The UK-Nordic EV Hub is an on-line full-day event, but you can choose to attend any number of sessions that are relevant to you. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from the day.


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10.00 CEST - The event will start with a market outlook from UK, Norway and Sweden.


10.40 CEST – The first topic of the day - Charging in urban areas session moderated by The Swedish Energy Agency.


  • Cecilia Wemming – Senior Policy Advisor at Ellevio (Sweden)

Ellevio is one of the largest grid operators in Sweden (DSO) that also understood the growing demands from EV charging in the early days. Ellevio cooperates with charge point operators and the municipality to create grid capacity friendly charging infrastructure.


  • Oli Wilkinson – CEO at Urban Electric (UK)

Urban Electric is building ground-embedded roadside charging integrated with parking infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in towns and cities across the world.


  • Dr. Turi Kvame Lorentzen – Project Manager at Beyonder (Norway)

Beyonder is a Norwegian battery company that project leads the Hybrid Energy Storage Stations (HEROES) project. HEROES aims at supporting the increased uptake of electric vehicles in Europe, thanks to the development and implementation of more efficient charging stations combined with energy storage.


11.30 CEST – Charging of Commercial fleets session moderated by Simon Lundqvist, Project Manager at Power Circle. 


  • Johan Klintberg – Head of Operations at Novoleap (Sweden)

Novoleap is focused on sustainable logistics by providing analysis and support to the electrification of transports. They are currently investigating platform solutions for shared charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles.   


  • Lars Holmefjord – CEO at Flexibility (Norway)

Flexibility is developing an innovative plug & charge system in Norway for electric vehicles that uses advanced AI to maximise efficiency and range while minimizing costs.


  • Paige Mullen – Nuvve (UK)

Nuvve provides both V2G and aggregation solutions for both commercial & local authority, cars, vans and buses.


12.15 – 13.00 CEST - Networking session, an opportunity to get interactive, deepen the discussions and meet new contacts from all three markets.


14.00 CEST – V2G and Smart charging session moderated by Neale Ryan, Senior Programme Manager - Automotive at Innovate UK.


  • Jesper Björkman – Business Development & Partnerships at Krafthem (Sweden)

Krafthem (English Power Home) is a start-up that aggregates many small resources, i.e. electric vehicles to provide ancillary services to the Swedish TSO.


  • Åsmund Møll Frengstad – Commercial Director & Founder at Current (Norway)

CURRENT is a technology company providing customers with a vendor-independent Charge Point Management System and has been part of implementing Norway’s first V2G installation.


  • Valts Grintals – Policy & Grids Lead at Kaluza (UK)

Kaluza is an intelligent energy platform that introduces new flexibility into the energy system by optimising individual devices.


  • Ben Kelsey – COO at Indra (UK)

Indra manufacture & install smart EV chargers for commercial locations & home charging. INDRA are global pioneers with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology and have led the world’s largest V2G trial, which still remains live.


15.00 CEST – Wireless and Automatic Charging session moderated by Hilde Hukkelberg, Director at Innovation Norway. 


  • Karin Ebbinghaus – CEO at Elonroad (Sweden)

Elonroad provides a high-tech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving and runs several demo projects in Sweden.


  • Frode GundersenProject Manager & Business Development Mobility at WPC (Norway)

WPC works with wireless power and communication and has developed a parking solution for e-scooters that utilises wireless inductive chargers and a complete loT cloud-based platform.


  • Michael Ayres – Managing Director at Flexible Power Systems (FPS) (UK)

FPS is a tech company that helps companies reduce their transport and fulfilment related emissions by providing wireless-charging of vehicle fleets used for last mile logistics.


16.00 CESTNetworking session, an opportunity to get interactive, deepen the discussions and meet new contacts from all three markets.


16.45 – 17.00 CEST – Closing Session


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